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About MIA

About MIA

M edical I nformation A nywhere is a secure, web-based product that enables members to store, access and edit their personal and medical details 24/7, from anywhere in the world via an internet link.

The two founding members are:

Lady Eileen Dalrymple-White:
Eileen has nearly 25 years experience in the Travel Insurance Industry and has worked in Claims, Underwriting and Assistance. Eileen was the only non Underwriter invited to the  emergency meeting at the Association of British Insurers Offices on 9/11 and the only person in the industry who managed to get the NHS to fund heart surgery in the USA for a child who was uninsured due to non declaration. She is well aware of the difficulties that travelers  often encounter whilst aboard, especially from a health perspective.

Sir Jan Dalrymple-White: 
Jan was born in Kenya. He was schooled both in Kenya and in the UK, most of the travelling for which he did on his own from the age of 8.His father set up a flying school in Kenya. However, Sir Jan’s flying skills were mainly learned within the USA. Having done various things whilst travelling around Europe, he eventually joined the French Foreign Legion. This period in his life brought him even greater linguistic skills with travel further afield. After the Legion Sir Jan tried academia spending some time studying marmosets in Colombia and then sought a life on the open seas as a Yacht Delivery Skipper, sailing yachts all around the world for nearly 20 years.Injury made such sailing too difficult and so he returned to a land based job. With his languages (6 languages fluently), geographical and geopolitical skills, the fact that he can sail and can fly, combined with his obvious inquisitive nature, Medical Emergency Assistance seemed designed specifically for him. He joined International Medical Rescue, where he soon became a Floor Manager.After getting a taste for Assistance Sir Jan eventually set up his own Assistance Company 24/7 Assist with a colleague and then later set up MIA Online, followed by MIA Assist with his wife Eileen.

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